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chibirisuchan's Journal

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12 July
my new not-exercise-group LJ account! ^^;; For the drooling fangirl side of my life.

ETA May 29 '07: Yeah, this is like the most boring bio in the history of ever. But I've just made it even more boring, thanks to the brand new deal over fan journal banning sprees. Sooo... no keywords, no interests, sorry. Would prefer to be left to write my almost entirely PG rated fanfiction in peace without any crusading maniacs misunderstanding Japanese fan terms...

Also, sorry anonymice, I'm shutting off anonymous commenting because the last 25 anonymous comments I've gotten have been Russian language spam trying to advertise knockoff winter coats and antivirus software (wtf?). OpenID should work though.

Quick survival guide to my journal:

This is a ficwriting and fandom journal, so if you want to read my stuff, feel free to friend away; you don't need to ask first!

If you want to get a listing of my various fics by fandom, take a look at my "chapter links" tags -- entries marked like that have collections of links to various fics. You can also use the fandom tags to get straight to ficstuff, but the chapter links will get you to fic stuff in order. XD

I'm also chibirisuchan on IJ, since I don't know when the next fandom witch hunt is coming...
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