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So this totally has not been my decade.

Fortunately, Mom's done with her surgeries and half through her treatments. Less fortunately, it's my turn to go in for surgery tomorrow, investigating things to figure out exactly how many more surgeries I'm going to need.

So they're trying to figure out why I bleed like crazy and have horrible cramps and can only function on large doses of drugs a couple days a month.

So to do this, they go in and take a look -- which means during my latest set of horrible cramps I couldn't take any medicine whatsoever because I can't take any painkillers for a week before surgery, and they have to schedule the surgery right around a particular time of month. That already wasn't fun.

I also couldn't take the usual iron or vitamin pills to deal with the anemia because of blood chemistry things leading into surgery.

Now I just got the schedule for tomorrow's surgery itself.

I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight because of the anesthetics.

They set my surgery at 3:15 in the afternoon.

On top of being massively low on iron (and more so this week in particular), I'm hypoglycemic.

If I'm still conscious and functioning by the time I even get to surgery it's going to be amazing.

Grarrrrgh. I mean, going in for surgery is stressful enough without also having to wonder if I'm going to pass out from a blood sugar crash before I even get there...

Wish me luck?

I may not be doing much in the way of replies -- even aside from LJ/IJ notification issues, I'm probably going to be pretty out of it this weekend (blood sugar crashes mess me up for days, even without effectively induced anemia, surgery, anesthetics, and several predictable days of surgery-related discomfort in the mix) but I'll try to make some kind of 'I'm alive' post on the other side...

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