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Icon meme from IJ

From white_aster!

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

(I did this over on IJ because here I've got the default 6 since I object to giving LJ any money until they demonstrate that fandom isn't going to continue to be the kicking boy for every damn strikethrough equivalent that comes down the pike...)

ChibiSydney from Vagrant Story. I made this one because all the in-game art is Really Really Serious and I have a weak spot for the combination of cute, fluffy, and evil. So this is ChibiSydney's "who me?" face. (I use it both for 'who me?' in the innocent sense and 'who me?' in the shamelessly scheming sense...)

ChibiSephiroth likewise. :3 I forget which doujinshi cover this one came from, but I like cute-and-evil and I also like tea, and I use it for both "ChibiSephiroth is not amused" and "tea" purposes (although I also use Calcifer for tea and other recipes... did I mention the cute-and-evil thing? XD)

I didn't make this one; chocofeather on LJ did. Both the 'd'awww so cute!' and Seph's 'wtf are you doing you overgrown featherduster' expression grabbed me by the neck the minute I saw it. :3 Someone's also going around with a more green-tinted version of this icon (I've forgotten exactly who) but since my screens tend to skew dark when I've dialed them down enough that they don't set off glare-headaches, I could see the detailing better on this lighter version.

Yet another ChibiSephiroth icon, this one made by freetimer_icons. I tend to pull this one into service for things like the KH/FB crossovers, chibiverse ficsnips, and anything else where Sephiroth's generally stunned/bemused/bewildered response involves some variation on "...", "*staaaaare*", and/or "*blink blink*".

Sydney from Vagrant Story again. I made this one for a general 'wooot!' sort of icon, only a little more dignified than 'woot!'. (Because I have no shortage of tongue-in-cheek icons for when I'm feeling goofy. :3)

And bonus rambles for the icon in the IJ version of this post -- I made the Kadaj "someone help me, I can't see a damn thing" / "lol haircut plz" icon for the Discworld/FF7 crossover fic with Granny Weatherwax and the Sephlings, because boy oh boy did it fit. (And yes, every single time he does that looking-through-the-bangs thing, I want to take after him with either scissors or embarrassingly girly hair clips, because I spent 6 years trying to grow out my bangs once I graduated high school and wasn't subject to my parents' haircut enforcements, and I hated the "can't keep them out of my face" stage with the passion of ten thousand burning suns...)

For the LJ version, I made the "your mama was a space virus" thing just because... it seemed like an amusing idea at the time. :3 I can see them having this conversation in the chibivision version of Nibelheim, too.
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