ChibiRisu-chan (chibirisuchan) wrote,

Guessing game

I've got next to no wireless signal, so we'll see whether I can actually get this posted (and crossposted) or not... XD

I've wondered whether my writing has got as many identifiers as I guiltily suspect it does -- stuff that means you can take one (okay, maybe two) looks and go 'yep, that's chibirisuchan.' So here's a bit of a challenge.

I wrote one of the FF7 Anonymous Kink Meme fics. (The FF7 kink indexer has helpfully compiled a list of links that go directly to the stories.)

Anyone want to guess which one is mine? (And/or contribute more fics or requests to it while you're there? ^_~)

I'm screening comments so that folks can't see what else has been guessed already. XD
Tags: ff7, fics

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