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Askerian's fic, last piece (woot! finished one!)

Since I doubt it's all going to fit into one post, I'll just put the new stuff here...

Fan-fanfic for askerian based on the "Teamwork" universe:
Kyuubi's having a day out on a leash, except that there's a certain amount of difficulty involved in finding a leash that will actually work on an immortal demon with no housetraining...
R for Kyuubi's mouth, and also for more involved stuff in this scene...

First piece

Second piece

The Kyuubi rolled his eyes sideways toward her, then rubbed his cheek against the crown of her head, both hands on the floor for balance, like an overgrown and somewhat startled dog being hugged by a toddler.

"I can do this," she choked. "I swear I can do this. I can watch over you. I'm... not that useless... not even like this..."

"Dammit, that's not--" Sasuke stopped short, and dug both hands through his hair, and crouched awkwardly beside them, one hand hesitating over whether or not to touch. "It's not that I think you can't. It's that he's an exhausting brat under the best of circumstances -- and that's even before the Kyuubi goes out on a leash. When you need to rest, Sakura--"

"I was resting," she whispered. "Isn't that why you got angry? Because neither of us were on guard?"

"I didn't expect you to be--" Sasuke stopped himself again, sharply. "I expected him to understand that you need to rest, and to guard you while you did. Just as I expected you to supervise him when you're awake, and acknowledge when you need rest. You'd fulfilled your part of the bargain."

" other words, you didn't expect me to be able to manage anything..."

"Damn it," Sasuke said, "stop twisting my words on me--"

Her face crumpled again, and she shoved a fist into her mouth to try to stifle the sobs, and the Kyuubi growled under his breath at both of them: "Sit down, shut up, and lick."

"Excuse me?"

One clawed hand dragged Sasuke over by the waistband of his shorts, and a quick rip disposed of those as well. Then the Kyuubi got a grip on the nape of his neck and pushed down, holding Sakura still with the other hand.

"Words words words, yap yap yap, all you do is tangle yourselves up in them and make each other miserable. In case you idiots hadn't noticed, you're wasting sunbeam. --MY sunbeam. I'm done trying it your way; you're trying it my way now, bitches. So shut the hell up, sit down, and lick her belly."

"No!" Sakura yelped, struggling suddenly in the Kyuubi's grasp. "Don't -- don't force him to -- he thinks I'm disgusting as it is, don't make it worse; don't use my body to punish him! Let me go--"

They both stared at her. "Who the hell said anything about punishing?" the Kyuubi growled. "You're soft and warm and naked, and fat with our young, and you have fingers. Fingers that scratch at good spots, even. Doesn't sound like a punishment to me--"

"You don't understand," she whispered.

"Oh, I understand," the Kyuubi said with a sigh that could have shaken mountains. "Humans are all idiots. Fur-impaired, sunbeam-impaired; the fingers are a plus, but hell, a good tree branch comes a close second and without all the fussing and wailing and drama attached-- aw, shit, you're leaking again. Stop that. You'll get my fur wet. --If I had any fur left. You want to talk disgusting, that's disgusting. All that naked skin without any fur worth speaking of, like you've got some horrible full-body mange, or like bleached worms. If you lot can deal with that, you can deal with anything."

He made the sneezing face, nose crinkled, and pushed at Sasuke's rigid, bowed body again. "And you're not licking, bitch. Are we gonna play the dominance game right here? Because your revoltingly bald ass is so mine..."

"Don't force him," Sakura cried. "Please. Please don't. I'll beg if you want me to, I'll -- anything you want, I'll do, just please -- let him go. Don't make him look at me, not like this..."

"Sakura, no--" Sasuke's voice was half-strangled, because he was bent double with his face to the floor and the Kyuubi's iron grip on the back of his neck, but still he tried.

The Kyuubi gave Sasuke a quick sharp shake to remind him of his place, and then started grinning at Sakura. "Anything...?" he asked, almost a purr.

"No killing," Sakura said hastily. "Nothing that breaks the terms of your agreement with Naruto. But... anything else, anything I can do, I'll give you. Please. Let him go..."

The Kyuubi took his clawed hand off the nape of Sasuke's neck, and turned his full attention on Sakura. "Anything," he repeated, slowly, as though tasting the word. "Anything..."

It was a bit like facing a hissing cobra, only magnified; Sakura couldn't make herself look away from the Kyuubi's bloody, predatory gaze.

So the small, soft, wet touch at her side startled a shrill half-scream out of her. She looked down then, in heart-pounding shock, and realized that Sasuke -- proud, aloof, defiant Sasuke -- was kneeling on the floor on his hands and knees at her side, head bent awkwardly, licking at the curve where her belly met her hip.

"Oh, God," Sakura whispered, afraid she was going to be sick. "God, Sasuke, don't. You don't have to do this-- don't humiliate yourself, don't-- don't try to buy the bargain back; I didn't want--"

"Did you ever think of what I wanted?" Sasuke asked, and licked again.

"I'm -- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--"

"Stop," Sasuke said, between licks. "Shut up, and... let me try his way. Because my way only hurts us both."


He shivered, looking very small and pale and frail, crouched naked amid the tattered wreckage of their living room, and then he murmured, "I'm trying his way. Because you never hear what I'm saying when I speak... when I try to tell you you're not disgusting, not worthless, you never hear it. So... just... just listen to what I'm not saying..."

Sasuke's hands were almost excruciatingly light and hesitant, easing the shirt he'd lent her away from the curve of her belly so that he could lick further: gentle, tender, and so painfully uncertain it made her heart constrict. His hands were steady through long years of training, he never let his hands be unsteady, but his breathing was quick and shallow and hot against her skin, and he hunched his back awkwardly to try to bend his head to the proper angle, licking at her swollen belly as though it meant a caress, or a kiss. And then he did kiss briefly, a soft-lipped, affectionate nuzzling, as those deft hands eased the fabric a bit higher, and he found the warm, sensitive spot between her heavy breasts and above her belly-mound, and Sakura knotted both hands in the ragged mess that had once been a piece of sofa and tried not to whimper in front of the Kyuubi.

...Not that it made a difference, really. If Naruto's butt had been able to sprout tails, the Kyuubi would have been twitching all nine of them.

"That's not right," he protested. "I lick you all over the place, and you fall asleep on me; he licks you on that big belly you hate, and you get wet from wanting him?"

If it had been Naruto, she wouldn't have stopped her reflexive swing for his skull; but she couldn't stop the tomato-bright blushing in either case. "It's -- it's different! You're an animal; animals do lick things. People -- ah -- people don't... um... normally... lick each other..."

"Special occasions," Sasuke murmured, his voice threaded through with a note of masculine satisfaction that she really couldn't hold against him under the circumstances. "Shirt off, if I ask nicely...?"

She really couldn't blush any more, Sakura decided, and it was better to leave his shirt intact than to wait for the Kyuubi to get impatient with it, so she tugged and wriggled until the shirt came off.

The Kyuubi pouted anyway. "How come when he says it..."

"Because he asked, instead of just going ahead and tearing my clothes to shreds," Sakura said crossly, folding her arms across her chest.

Sasuke tilted his head a bit to the side, considering, and then licked his way over her arms to her breasts, and suddenly she wasn't coherent enough to keep up her side of the discussion. His hand was startlingly warm against her side, trailing up her ribs and gently lifting her breast so that he could lick and kiss and nibble more; Sakura stared down at the shaggy black mess of his hair in something resembling shock.

"S-s-sa--...? ...oh!... oh... goodness..." She had to lock her elbows to keep from collapsing in a boneless heap in the middle of the nest, and her throat kept making little noises she hadn't quite intended.

"What happened to my 'anything'?" the Kyuubi asked peevishly, prodding Sasuke's ribs with a claw that left a red trail of blood behind, just as a reminder.

"You want sex, don't you?" Sasuke shot back, his voice deep enough to growl, hot against her bare shoulder. "You always want sex, unless you want raw meat you've just killed. She's -- fragile, right now. You won't be gentle enough with her."

"Not your call," the Kyuubi reminded him, still watching Sakura, and licking his lips. "She said anything..."

"And I did as you asked, so that she wouldn't need to."

Sakura couldn't keep herself from flinching, hurt by a strike she hadn't even seen coming. "Then... then that's the reason you...?"

"...Dammit." Sasuke dug a hand through his hair, and said, "No. I'm not talking to you for a while, because I hurt you when I do. So -- so you ignore anything that comes out of my mouth, unless it's something licking you, okay? You, on the other hand--" he turned on the Kyuubi, and said, "you listen. 'Anything' is not going to include you taking her so violently that you hurt her or the baby, and you damn well know it. So if you want to demand sex, you don't use her. You use me instead. Because I don't think you're capable of anything other than violence."

The expression on the Kyuubi's face was indescribable, like a dog with its first mouthful of peanut butter: incredulously chewing on something that completely refused to resolve itself into an acceptable shape for the contents of one's mouth.

"...I don't need to be capable of anything other than violence. Violence gets you everything else you want."

"Violence won't get you Sakura. Naruto will break free first. You know he will. So yes, you do need to be capable of something else. I just don't think you are."

"Sasuke-kun..." Sakura touched his arm cautiously, but he shook his head at her, not taking his eyes off the demon.

"You're not listening to me, remember?"

"It doesn't work like that," she said, frustrated.

"I can't deal with both of you at once!" he snapped, still facing the Kyuubi as though he needed to be ready for a lunge at any moment -- and knowing the Kyuubi, that probably wasn't the world's worst guess. "I'll be quiet and lick for you later, Sakura, I promise, but right now I'm renegotiating that damn stupid 'deal'."

She bit her bottom lip hard, and tried to make herself smaller. It didn't work, of course, not in her final trimester, but she could at least wish.

The Kyuubi still had that incredulous, nonplussed, licking-peanut-butter-off-the-roof-of-his-mouth expression. "I don't 'negotiate,' bitch. I take."

"Not Sakura. Not now. --You do want your child born safely and well, don't you. Don't tell me you're stupid enough to risk that part of your own immortality, just for a few minutes' gratification with one of us naked, furless, disgusting little vermin."

The Kyuubi's nose crinkled up. "And if I want both?"

"Then you take me instead of her."

"But she's the one who smells like sex. --Or did, before you started yapping again."

"Hasn't anyone ever told you 'you can't have your cake and eat it too'?"

"No," the Kyuubi said, as though it should have been obvious.

One of Sasuke's eyebrows was twitching spasmodically. "Well... you can't."

"...Then I have my cake and eat yours too."

If he'd dared take his eyes off the immortal demon to whom he was trying to explain the concept of give-and-take, he would have had his face in one hand, and the other would have been rapping against the top of Naruto's skull. As it was, the most he dared was to roll his Sharingan-crimsoned eyes heavenward for a moment.

"Um... Sasuke-kun..." I can't BELIEVE I'm thinking about this, but we've got hours left until sunset and it'd be so much nicer if they'd just settle down and enjoy the sunbeam without sniping at each other... "I do have, er, kind of an idea...?"

"What?" Sasuke asked, tense.

It took a conscious effort to keep from rubbing her fingertips together, and her face felt like it was on fire. "We could say... er... no poking. With... with... anything, er, poky. I mean, no claws, no -- uh -- penetration, just... doing other things, gentle things, so that nobody could get hurt, so we wouldn't have to worry about the baby, and it'd be all right that way...?"

The Kyuubi was blinking at her in befuddlement, and the set of Sasuke's pale shoulders spoke volumes about how much he wished he had Byakugan for a few minutes.

"What's the fucking point if there's no 'poking'?" the Kyuubi complained.

"You have no imagination at all, do you," Sasuke said.

He's not Naruto, Sasuke-kun; that's not going to work--

"Wanna bet on it, bitch?"

Sakura blinked.

...Maybe they have more in common than I thought.

"First one to make her come wins," the Kyuubi said.

A little alarmed, Sakura said, "Sasuke-kun..."

"No blood, no pain, and no tears," Sasuke said.


"Damn, take all the fun out of it, why don't you..."

"That's why it's called 'imagination,' do-... --furball."

The Kyuubi's lip curled. "Fine. No leaking, no screaming, no poking, whatever. I'll still beat your scrawny white ass."

"You can try," Sasuke said, smirking.

Dammit, Inner Sakura howled, I'm not their private combat zone!

They're not arguing anymore, Sakura yelled back. And Sasuke-kun is good with that tongue...

...Oh yeah. That tongue, Inner Sakura said, greatly mollified.

Sasuke's eyes were still Sharingan-spinning when he turned toward her again, and the somewhat predatory curl to his lips was a little more intimidating than she liked to admit. He took her hand, turned it up, and brushed a soft, hot kiss against the hollow of her palm, then the tip of her thumb, then the pulse-point in her wrist, and it made her toes curl.

"You're starting at the wrong end," the Kyuubi said snidely, and buried his face between her thighs. Sakura shrieked in startlement, trying to scramble back, and he had to let go before his claws could scratch her legs and forfeit the 'prize.' "...What the hell?"

"You have no finesse," Sasuke shot back, smug. "Unlike animals, most humans like to be coaxed first. Gently. Gradually. --Words you never bothered to learn."

Scowling, the Kyuubi watched for a moment through slitted red eyes as Sasuke stroked her back and soothed her into settling into the nest again, then bent his head and kissed the pulse-point of her throat. His arms slipped about her waist -- if it could be called that anymore, really -- and one fingertip traced a soft teasing circle around the bulge of her navel, while his other hand occupied itself with stroking her breast and tickling the nipples into peaks.

The heat pooling in her belly swirled and curdled, settling deep into her hips, and the baby kicked against Sasuke's wandering fingers as though vexed at its mother's distraction. He simply chuckled, soft-voiced, and pressed back against the little foot with indulgent fingertips.

"So 'gradual' means 'slow-ass stalking and a pounce when she's not expecting it'," Kyuubi grumbled. "Why didn't you just say that?"

"Because it's not when she's not expecting it," Sasuke said. "The entire point is to make sure she is expecting it, that she knows what you're doing each step of the way, and that it pleases her."

"Hell of a lot of work," the Kyuubi grumbled. "Why bother?"

"Because some of us want our mates to come back to us willingly, happily, and not through fear."

"Fear gets you the same thing."

"No, it doesn't," Sasuke murmured, and his eyes were shadowed with something Sakura was afraid to touch. "It's not the same thing at all."

The Kyuubi snorted. "You're still wasting time. And starting at the wrong end. --'Gradual.' Got it."

He seized one of her ankles and bent to lick at the inside of her knee, working his way up the inside of her thigh; this time, though, he had enough of a grasp of the concept to slow down when she went tense or struggled, licking the same spot until she stopped shaking and her body relaxed for him.

Daring greatly, Sakura reached down and smoothed the wild blonde mess of his hair, then scratched a little behind the ears; the Kyuubi shivered all over, one foot twitching, and if he'd been a dog she was sure he'd have been thumping away in bliss. Then he pulled back and shook his head in a sharp little shiver: "Stop that! You're distracting me. You want the bitch to win, don't you."

"It's not distraction," Sakura said, proud that she was only a little out of breath from the combination of arousal and kicking from within. "It's sharing. When you please me, I want to please you too."

The Kyuubi blinked, and then started grinning. It was a disturbing blend of evil calculation and sheer gleeful mischief. "So 'sharing' the before-sex-touches makes people go all sunbeam-melty at each other."

"Right," Sakura said cautiously, not entirely sure she wanted to know where this was going.

"So I've got more stamina than anything. So if I fuck him boneless first, he'll be too limp and mewling on the floor to finish you off, and then I can win..."

"No penetration!" Sakura reminded him hastily. "And no blood and screaming--"

"That was for you. He's not breeding."

"That was for all of us!" Sakura said quickly, desperately. "No bleeding and screaming from any of us--"

The Kyuubi would have laid his ears back flat against his head, if his ears had been mobile enough. "And the thought makes you stink of fear again, instead of sex, so I wouldn't win anyway, would I. All these word-tangles you lot like to make out of everything, meaning different things depending on what you want them to mean -- how do you ever get anything done? It's so much faster when you just do things, and then nobody yaps at you later..."

"How often would that be because they've had their jaws broken or their heads torn off?" Sakura asked, struggling to keep enough disapproval in her voice when Sasuke's hands were still smugly wandering.

"What's the difference? They're not yapping, are they," the Kyuubi muttered, and went back to licking her knee as though it were an overly large drumstick he was savoring before tearing in for dinner. "'Gradual,'" he snorted, and licked harder.

Sasuke had settled himself behind her, coaxing her into leaning back into his arms and letting his strength support her aching back for her; he kissed her temple and murmured, "Well done," which sent an entirely different warmth flooding through her body. She twined her fingers through his and squeezed in silent gratitude; she felt his smile against her cheek, and he set her hand on the Kyuubi's hair with a small pat before returning his attention to the fullness of her breasts and the fiercely sensitive, snug-stretched skin where her belly met her hips.

He was touching her core chakra-points, she realized belatedly -- her head, her throat, her ribcage, her navel, now her groin. And he'd put himself nicely out of reach from either Sakura or their grumbly guest -- so that there were fewer distractions, despite all her optimistic talk of 'sharing.' Which really wasn't fair of him.

But then, Sasuke was usually as little concerned with 'fair' as the Kyuubi was... just in less messy ways.

It was a little -- more than a little -- unnerving, trying to think of her body as a desirable and sensual entity, especially when she wasn't completely confident that Sasuke hadn't thrown himself into this to spare her the demon's promised 'anything.' But the concept of fair, along with civilization, was important to her -- and in a guiltier way, so was finding out whether Sasuke was simply protecting and indulging her, or whether he might find her desirable even like this.

So she rubbed herself against him; her back was still supple even though her belly was ripely cumbersome, and she could still do quite insinuating things with her shoulderblades when they were snug against his chest. One of her hands was busy scratching the Kyuubi's ears, for the sake of fairness; but that left the other to trail up the inside of Sasuke's pale thigh, over the ridge of his hip, between his stomach and the small of her back, brushing her knuckles against his bare skin to feel if he trembled.

The little ragged hitch of his breath made her so happy she was afraid she might burst from it.

And then she realized how much she'd been distracting herself, because the Kyuubi's tongue was startlingly hot and wet against the arch of her inner thigh, and her relaxation had given him the chance to 'sneak' up on her after all. But she couldn't find the nerve to mind, because he was so warm and avid and eager, and Sasuke was there cradling her against his strong chest, brushing his thumbs over the aching peaks of her nipples, supporting her so that her hips were tilted -- fairness again -- and the Kyuubi shoved his face closer, his breath hot and damp against a very sensitive place, and his tongue was even hotter.

Her climax took her utterly off guard; when she could think again, they were arguing over who had won. ...Of course they were arguing; they were both still hard, and cranky about that in addition to their usual tinderbox reactions.

Sakura stretched luxuriantly in Sasuke's arms, and wriggled about, shifting her clumsy bulk to one side of his lap, so that she could reach better. Sasuke's side of the argument stopped short with a half-strangled squeak and a sudden blush when Sakura began tending to his unfulfilled needs.

"Hey!" the Kyuubi protested, half a yowl.

"Now you want to share, hmm?" Sakura mused; the aftermath of bone-melting bliss always did lower her inhibitions a bit more than was healthy. "There's six hands between us. And three tongues. Come over here and I'm sure we can arrange something that's --agreeable to all of us..."

She wasn't anywhere near as flexible as she'd once been, of course, but neither of them seemed inclined to take her to task for it; on the contrary, even the Kyuubi took an eerily proprietary concern to seeing that she was arranged comfortably, that she wasn't spending too long with the baby's weight pressed against her spine or hips, that she wasn't straining herself to twist or reach.

The first time through, Sasuke was in the middle of the tangle of them, because he still didn't trust the Kyuubi to rein in his instincts and not mount the nearest body with or against its will.

The resolution to that had involved an ear-splitting yowl and a great deal of panting, followed by an evilly smug grin and a "Pay up, bitch."

Sasuke's payment had involved agreeing to be taken, because the Kyuubi was beyond the limits of his fairly non-existent patience already. Lying beside him, Sakura held his hands and let him hide his face in her hair, let him pretend that the sounds he made weren't happening, and certainly weren't whimpers, and certainly didn't involve want or need. The Kyuubi left scratches on his back, but not deep ones, and not intentional; he seemed surprised to see them, and as close to chagrined as an arrogrant and immortal demon could get. ...Which wasn't very, but it was the thought that counted, particularly when it was accompanied by licking the scratches clean and some deep bass rumbling purrs.

He even offered to let Sasuke mount Sakura, as though it were his decision to make as a matter of course; before they could get involved in that fight, Sakura kissed Sasuke to soften the frustrated twist of his lips and said to them both, "It is my turn by now, you know."

Sasuke froze again. It upset her more than she wanted to admit; the Kyuubi sniffed the air, snorted his opinion of their tangled-up pheromones, and shoved Sasuke face-first into the nest-fluff again. "Stop thinking, broody-bitch," he rumbled. "Nothing went wrong with the shut-up-and-lick way, now did it."

"I... I just... I don't want to hurt her, or the baby, or..."

"What don't you get about 'shut up and lick already?'"

So the Kyuubi curled up behind her and kept her back warm with a sleek muscular body and rumble-purrs around the nuzzling at the nape of her neck, and Sasuke crouched into a little huddle in front of her, silent and terrifyingly gentle, licking her skin with a raspy attempt at a purr that made the Kyuubi sneeze on giggle-snorts. She elbowed him and told him sternly to be nice, and while he was spluttering at the sheer incongruity of that admonition, she took Sasuke's face between her hands and licked his cheek, hoping he understood what she was trying to say.

Sasuke didn't speak, didn't smile, but the tension in his shoulders eased; and he stretched out beside her, letting himself relax in their presence, pouring his adoration and awe and love into gentle licks and kisses and caresses, because the words always came out wrong but he could still trust touch, when it was with the two of them. --Or three, or four, depending on how one counted the baby and Naruto at the moment. The closest Sasuke came to speech was when he laughed in delight as the baby kicked at his nose, and he nuzzled back, licking an affectionate pattern over the curve of her swollen belly, rubbing a thumb over a pale stretch mark that zigzagged its way across her taut-stretched skin.

When they'd worn themselves out -- or at least Sasuke and Sakura had; the Kyuubi was smug about his stamina in more ways than one -- it was nearly sunset; the Kyuubi was lying with his head in her lap and Sasuke was snuggled against her side, his cheek pillowed against the baby-mound, more than half drowsing.

"We're doing this again next time," the Kyuubi informed them lazily, stretching all claws into the air like a contented cat.

"We most certainly are not!" Sakura said, so fiercely that she nearly bounced Sasuke off her belly with the force of her shout. "That was our sofa! AND the good tablecloths! And there's nothing left to shred but the blankets and we NEED those--"

--and she would have gone on at some length, except that the Kyuubi had decided the easiest way to win one of the 'word-tangles' was not to be there at all, because the eyes blinking up in befuddlement at her were vividly sky-blue.

"...Huh? Sakura-chan? What're you yelling at me about this time...?" Then his eyes widened abruptly. "...Why are you naked?"

And then he noticed the sofa, or what remained of it, and the words failed him entirely; he made a few sputtering incredulous sounds, gesturing at Sasuke's bare rump and the jagged remains of the sofa frame and the pillow-guts-explosion all over the living room, with something that sounded remarkably like a whimper.

Sakura didn't have Kyuubi's lungs, especially with her belly crowded with so many months' worth of the baby, but she could still manage a scream of outrage that rattled the windows. "THAT MANGY SON OF A BITCH! I'M GOING TO STRANGLE HIM WITH HIS OWN TAILS--"

Naruto flinched from the volume, expecting a fist to come at his head through sheer force of habit, and looked even more boggled when Sakura didn't take a swing at him. "Uh... bastard... do I even want to know...?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and said "Moron," and Naruto sorted through his mental Sasuke-insult-cross-reference guide and came up with it's a long story.

"Er, right. Uh. Should I start cleaning?"


Naruto opened his mouth to observe that Sakura was still naked. But, contrary to popular opinion, he did have some impulse control.

...Especially when the impulse reminded him how nicely stacked she was now that her milk was coming in, and how enticingly they swayed when she was waving a fist in the air, and how cute that big round pout of her tummy was when she was panting with vexation, and how little imagination it took to pretend she was panting with something else, which he was fairly sure she had been, since this was the Kyuubi they were talking about and Sasuke-bastard was just as naked and the room looked like a certain fuzzy tornado had hit everything in sight, pun more than intended.

So since Sakura-chan was clearly not going to be in the mood for more amorous types of exertions until the place got cleaned up, Naruto dug a broom out of the closet and started sweeping the remains of the sofa out the door. It was a little awkward trying to aim for the door without taking his eyes off Sakura-chan's heaving chest, but he wasn't about to miss another minute of the show, because there was no telling when he'd ever lay his own eyes on a display like this again.

Naruto wasn't quite certain whether to curse the Kyuubi for selfishness in hogging the majority of the experience, or to cheer him on for arranging a situation with a landscape like this in the first place.

Sakura finally ran herself out of breath, and flopped into the nest with a huge sigh, utterly heedless of the fact that she had nothing but a few stray gusts of sofa-fluff for an attempt at modesty.

From the look in Sasuke's eyes, he wasn't overlooking it nearly as much as she was. Naruto shot him a grin, and got a smirk in return, which was pretty much as good as it got -- damn, Kyuubi must have boned him within a few inches of brainless after all. Selfish bastard.

Sakura yawned and stretched, arching her back with a hand propped in the small of it for support, and Naruto took it all back.

Hey fuzzball, if you're listening in there? Scoooore. --And teach me how to do that getting-them-naked-and-not-caring thing sometime, too, will ya?

The reply he got was more of a sated rumble than anything coherent; Sakura glanced at him suspiciously when Naruto started whistling as he swept, but still didn't bother looking around for clothes.

Damn, I am one lucky, lucky man.

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